Heroes—Miep and Mr. Kraler

You could call them good, warm hearted, caring but the only way we could describe Miep and Mr. Kraler would be HEROES. They spent 3 years hiding the Frank family, the Van Daan family and Mr, Dussel. Knowing that if they were caught, they would suffer the same fate as the jews in the concentration camps.

Miep and Mr. Kraler were honest workers in Mr. Franks factory. Everyday Mr. Kraler would visit the two families in order to bring them daily supplies and news about the war. Miep on the other hand worried more about getting requested items like books, food and rarely some cigarettes for Mr. Van Daan.

Mr.Krale was an old man who believed that no one in the whole world should sufer like the Jews did in the Second World War. Though another one of his very simple excuses was that he simply didn’t like Jews. That is why he brought it upon him self to hide the family under any means.


“Essays on the Diary of Anne Frank – The Real Heros.” 123HelpMe.com. 31 May 2009

The Secret Annex

Many people during the second world war died. though many tried to escape, fight but the smartes thing that most would do is hide. This is what the Frank family did. They hid ina secret annex behind a bookshelf so that the German soldiers wouldn’t get to them. They secretly arranged for a space to be cleared in Mr.Frank’s factory while trying to make t a secretly as possible.

Before going into hiding Mr.Frank offered the Van Daan family to go into hiding with him and his family. Only he knew them and he had not explained it to his family. So when they went into the annex, the Van Daan parents slept in the second floor. While their son Peter slept in the Frank’s floor. Peter was a young man when he arrived in the annex. He slept alone in a small room, with a small bed and his cat Mouschie.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank slept outside, on the floor while their daughters Anne and Margot slept in a small room beside. The room in which Anne and Margot slept in had only two beds and a small desk which could be used for studying during the day. They all had to be quiet during the day from about        8:00 a.m until 6:00 p.m so that absolutely no one could hear them or they would be arrested.

After hiding for about a year, Mr. Dussel came to live in the secret annex. He came very unexpectactly so they didn’t have a lot of space for him. But becasue Mr. Frank was such a good man he had Margot moved from her room over to the main room to where he and his wife were sleeping. And Anne was forced to share her room with Mr. Dussel.

Kind, Kinder, Kindest—–The Frank Family

The whole story of Anna frank rotates around the Frank family. They are a warm family with a caring attitude who have inspired almost half the world. Mr.Frank is probably the nicest person there becasue he offered his family’s comfort, food, warmth and of cource safety!

He already knew the Van Daans though his family didn’t so that also shows that he has trust in his family. And Mr.Dussel came into the secret annex later. And even though they didn’t have enough food he still offered his small space. So that shows that no matter how much food or space they have, Mr.Frank was always looking to help some one.

Mrs. Frank was one of the people who kept everyone together. she was always very calm and had always a way to stop people from having a “discussion”. Mrs. Frank had a very good bond with Margot, she was the older sister. Though, there weren’t many ways for her to make Anne calm down so that she wouldn’t disturb anyone.

Anne Frank is one of the most important characters. This is because of her diary, that she had recieved from her father. Everything that had ever happend in that secret annex, she wrote down. Every discussion, feeling and even the cold nights when she didn’t have enough sheets to cover herself with. 



Strangers and Friends… The Van Daans and Mr.Dussel

After all of the war many people died because of the concentration camps. Though many Jews went into hiding in order to avoid being caught. One of these families were the Van Daans. They were friends of Mr.Frank, and because Mr.Frank was such a kind hearted man he let them share their secret annex.

The Van Daans were a very stressed family unlike the Franks, so at the beginning they tried to support each other as much as possible. Though later on in the book, the matters start getting worse. Mrs. Van Daan starts to panick at most occasions and has more “descussions” with Mr. Van Daan. They start fighting over food, space, and even little things like who gets to use the bathroom.


Another person who gets in the way a lot is Mr. Dussel. He is an old dentist who is “good with children”. Though later on in the book he starts getting annoyed with Anna Frank. He thinks she is noisy, though most of the people in the secret annex do. And has to use the bathroom 24/7, so as you can see he certainly isnt the most pleasant person to be around.

So after everything that the Frank family does for him, he is probably the most ungrateful person there. Because when Anne gets scared one night, he wakes up and starts shaking her. He thinks about the worst that could happen and starts getting on everyones nerves. So finally after 3 years of supporting Mr. Dussel, Mrs. Frank cracks and has a lot of things to say! Though i will explain it in my next blog!

North Korea’s Satellite Interception

These last few hours there have been threats of a new attack. North Korea has threatened Japan if any sort of interception happens ontheir satellite they will attack.

Japan is only trying to protect it’s land though there has not been any sign of an actual threat. North Korea on the other hand is ready to do any thing possible in order to prevent this interception. As they say that the satellite launched is “only part of a peaceful space program”. Though Japan has already launched anti-missile’s in case the “satellite” starts to target any Japanese territory.

So after some critical hours there hasn’t been any confirmed news about a new war. Though my opinion is that Japan and North Korea should solve these problems by them self before other countries start to get involved, like America who says they wont but you never know.

Merry-making in your society

      1. How important is merry-making in society?  This was our central unit question — now that you’ve studied a very silly play, complete with heaps of merry-making, what do you think? Is merry-making important? How? When? Why?
      2. What do you know now, at the end of our unit, that you didn’t before? Perhaps you now know a couple of lines of Shakespeare. Or maybe you’ve learned how to better speak in front of an audience. Or perhaps you now know how to work better in a group. Or you know that having fun really is the most important part of creating a play. Or you’ve learned that creativity requires long periods of time in order to “get into it.”  Whatever it is — please tell your readers what you’ve learned in our unit.

    1. Merry-making is important because you make people around you happy, and you can do it in many different ways. Some of them are acting out a silly play or making silly movements like we did or crack a joke. No matter what it is its always good to merry-make because it has an impact on everyone around. It might not always be good but most of the time it pleases people.

    2. I know now how to interpret myself with funny movements and the importance of making people laugh and at the same time making a statement. Also I have learned that definitely “practice makes perfect” and that it has to become ugly before it becomes pretty. And that is what my group was over come with. We worked hard on it at the beginning but I though it wasn’t funny, but afterwards when we had more confidence and knew our lines better we could feel the actions and what the audience was looking for.






Twelfth Night

I arrived in the middle of Twelfth night though i was able to get the main point. I was lucky though to have come when Maria’s plot started which was the most important part of whole of Twelfth night. Malvolio was being tricked into Olivia’s love which opened all passages for any one to fall in love with Olivia. Though only Cesario/Viola won Olivia’s heart with absolutely no intention.

I though Twelfth Night would be about love, sadness and death. though i found out that Twelfth Night was actually the complete opposite. I mean, it did have love because at the end every one ended happily except for Malvolio though Olivia ended up feeling sorry for him. Sadness on the other hand happened rarely. For example when Sebastian and Viola got separated, Antonio felt betrayed and Malvolio tricked and forced to suffer. Death on the other hand never was an issue in Twelfth Night.

I liked the whole story because it was entertaining, and fun to listen to. Especially when some one didn’t mean to be funny when they really were.

Thank you

Our world

“Absence makes the heart’s love grow stronger.”

No one really knows who invented this short but powerful quote. Though it relates with almost everyone i know, because we all live apart from some one we love. Whether its a cousin, grandmother or a close friend the distance makes the love grows stronger because you look forward to seeing the person or just having them close to you.

This relates to us because we live in a foreign country and have family sometimes spread all around the world! Also because when we leave our school we leave our friends behind which we might not even see again. So the heart has to go through pain needs that person close.

Thank You                                       

Betrayed by a Friend…

  1. Look carefully at Antonio’s speech in 3.4.316-321.
  2. Paraphrase it (put into your own words).
  3. Comment on it.
  4. Give some of your own examples of what he is talking about. Use experiences you’ve had, seen, or heard about. 

2. I f I paraphrase this speech it would go like this:

Oh how some people forget other important ones

Sebastian, you have helped me a lot

There is no fault but what you think

No one can pretend but be unkind

Goodness is beauty, but the beautiful evil

for they are all cursed.



3. I think what Antonio means in this speech is:

That Sebastian has betrayed him even though he is a good person. Also that Sebastian is a good person though the way that he is betraying Antonio is something which he will never be able to forgive.


4. I have experienced this because there are always people around who pretend to be something their not. Especially friends who betraye you in order to get information or because they want to spread rumors.

Pretending could be used for many occasions though they could be good or bad.Pretending to be something your not could be used in a bad way because it could be used in order to protect some one or to get to the bottom of a situation.

Though pretending to be something your not could also hurt people because you could use a person or betray them in many different ways.



Be …..

I have decided to write a post about this poem because it is very powerful. It show’s what a person should be and the kind of confidence the person should have.

Be Bold

Be Thankful

Be Quiet

Be original

Be Spontaneous

Be Punctual

Be a Star

Be Scary

Be Classy

Be Loving

Be Proper

Be Crazy

Be the Centre

Be Loud

Be Random

Be Adorable

Be Unique

Be Daring

Be Koo Koo


Every single type of expression has its own font because i want to let the reader see the confidence and the uniqueness someone could have with them self.

Especially the last one… has a real effect on me especially because you always try to pretend to be something your not, but once you find a place in every single one of these expressions you will see that there will be a difference.